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William A. Galloway
Stone Sculptor and Carver,
Founder of Angelo Stone Company

Growing up in the forests, fields and limestone quarries of southern Indiana, young William Galloway was captivated by the natural elements around him. As he matured, he discovered his fascination with art and his aptitude for mathematics, an unusual combination.

His interest in art led to studies at nearby Indiana University, where he also focused on philosophy and religion. But the lack of instruction in stone sculpture drew him away from the academic environment toward the indigenous stone carving industry.

There he had access to renowned sculptors and carvers who taught him both the artistry and the complex geometric techniques necessary for the accurate and efficient practice of the reductive art of stone carving. He apprenticed with the respected artists Henry Morris and Clarence Hayes.

While employed by the Bybee Stone Company, William moved from cutter to carver and, eventually, to master carver. As master carver he instructed and managed up to eight carvers, as well as managing major installations, such as the five-figure, 170 ton pediment restoration on the Iowa State Capitol building.

In 1994 William founded his own company, the Angelo Stone Company, which receives commissions from architects, individuals and stone carving companies. He currently serves as carving consultant to the Indiana Limestone Company.

Following a one-artist show in Indianapolis sponsored by Schmitt Architects and INB National Bank, William was tapped to teach stone sculpture at the respected Indianapolis Art Center.

He has exhibited in numerous juried shows and won multiple awards in stone sculpting and carving competitions.